Picket of MPs and UK Parliament during Foreign Affairs questions in parliament.

Objective: To request UK Government, and ask MPs to lend support to the following actions: 1. Targeted sanctions on those reponsible for torture and cruelty in Belarus, using, initially, the lists of those already sanctionsed by Poland and the Baltic States. 2. Suspension of UK military cooperaiton with the Belarus Army pending a review fo the cooperation agreement, 2020 cooperation programme, and the acitons of the Belarus Army in civilian locations. 3. Humanitarian Aid to victims of the current oppression in Belarus, Bat least as large as that offered by Poland – £10 Million. 4. Economic Sanctions against companies and financial institutions associated associated with the Government of Belarus, as done in June 2011 by the UK when a member of the EU.

  • Дата: 08/09/2020 10:00 AM
  • Место нахождения: Portcullis House, London, UK
  • Больше информации: Front Door of Portcullis House



1. Bring Posters , Flags.

2. consider to e-mail to your MP to ask to come and meet you outside Portcullis House durng the picket, ( or at a later date). “Lobby your MP” to help win our objectives to get faster UK Government action and help. Information campaign to MPs.